Important Information for Catering Set-Up services

Note: This guide is intended for clients who have selected our full setup services, not for 'Drop and Go' service options.


To ensure a smooth and efficient setup for your event, please take note of the following requirements:


1. Access & Pathway: Provide a clear and unobstructed path to the buffet area. Inform us in advance about any steps, gravel, or obstacles along the way.


2. Outdoor Buffet Location: Best locations for buffet setups are under a cover, such as a tent, patio, or other structures. Ensure the area is protected from adverse weather, and is easily accessible to staff.


3. Table Arrangements: Tablecloths, settings and decor must be placed on approximately 2-3 (8ft) tables, or an equivalent area, before our arrival. If you desire linens and decor service, you must reserve in advance. Tables should be ready and accessible when our team arrives unless pre-approved.


4. Vehicle Access: We require direct vehicle access for our catering van. Please ensure we can pull up within 50-100 feet of the setup area on a smooth surface.


5. Weather Plan: Have a foul weather plan in place. We cannot guarantee setup under severe weather conditions. The safety of our staff and your guests is paramount.


6. Client Compliance with USDA Regulations: It is the client's responsibility to adhere to all USDA guidelines regarding safe food handling. Note that Hillbilly Catering is not responsible for any issues post-drop-off. For more details, please refer to our linked blog post.


7. Safety of Staff: Please ensure that all guests and pets are kept clear of the setup areas to prevent any disturbances or hazards while we are preparing for your event. We are not responsible for out of control guests or pets.


8. Setup and Staffing: Hillbilly Catering allocates 30 minutes for event setup. Our staff will depart immediately after setup unless additional staffing has been prearranged.


9. Care of Equipment: Items requiring return must be stored securely and treated carefully. Full replacement value, plus recovery and handling fees, will be charged as necessary for any damages or losses.


8. Photo Confirmation: You must remit a photo of the designated buffet setup area and any potential impediments within 7 days of your event. You can email: [email protected] or text to 970.773.8897


Setup Policy: We reserve the right to decline setup services if the conditions outlined above are not met, or if any impediments are not declared or are misrepresented. This policy helps us ensure the safety and efficiency of our setup for your event.


Thank you for ensuring these guidelines are followed. We look forward to making your event a success!