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We offer solutions that are upscale and down-to-earth, catered by local industry experts.

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Why Trust Us With Your Large Event?

Because you care about your guests…

…and so do we! The proof is in the pudding- our meticulous planning ensures your peace of mind.


    • We have a proven track record of successful events: Hundreds of them!
    • Dedicated staff is at your service from the planning stages to the event itself. 
    • We offer Gluten-Free and Vegan Options
    • Special Requests are always welcome


Why trust us with your large event? Because we don't just cater to your needs; we anticipate them. Let's make your next event extraordinary—get in touch today!


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Indulging in our food is just the beginning. Want to know what makes Hillbilly Catering stand out? From humble beginnings to high-volume events, our story is as savory as our menu. Dive into our world.


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3 months ago
Many might think prices are a bit high but as the ole' adage goes.. "you get what you pay for" and here you get a...
7 months ago

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